Andrew's Curriculum Vitae



3 Science Camps

Have attended 3 different science camps over the years, being Hollingworth, KSC, and Challenger

4 Math Camps

Have attended 3 different math camps and TA'd at one

3 Miscellaneous Camps

Have attended 3 other camps, for Biology, Philanthropy, and Spanish

Hollingworth '11-'14

I went here from 2011 to 2014, and completed all the groups from detectives to inquirers.

Challenger Camp '10

I went here in 2010 and had a lot of fun in Rochester.

Camp KSC '12

I went here in 2012 and Cape Canaveral was nothing short of incredible!


Campersand since '19

I've been a counselor/TA at Campersand (C&!) since 2019, coming full-circle as a teacher.

MathPath '17

I came here for 1 year in 2017, where I continued my education from Epsilon.

AMSP '16 & '18

I went to AwesomeMath for 2 years: in 2016 and 2018. I took Number Theory 1 and Algebra 1.5 in 2016, followed by Combinatorics 3 and Algebra 2.5 in 2018.

Epsilon '14 & '15

I went to Epsilon in 2014 and 2015, where I was introduced to the world of pure mathematics.



Math Camps

I also attended many math camps over the years. Epsilon Camp introduced me to pure mathematics. AwesomeMath honed my competition math skills. MathPath was a continuation of Epsilon Camp. Finally, I came to Campersand as a counselor/TA. More information can be seen on the Math tab on my site and on their respective websites.

Big Idea '16

I went here in 2016 after celebrating my Bar Mitzvah in Haifa, and learned a lot about how to be a tech entrepeneur.

Marabou '18

I went here in 2018 and studied quite a bit of biology and psychology in Hungary, all in Russian!

Enforex '19

I went here in 2019 and further solidified my grasp of the Spanish language, along with some great experiences in Spain!