Andrew's Curriculum Vitae


Computer Science

Self-Coded Website

Along with some help from my mentors, I coded this website on my own without any templates

2 Games

Have been coding for many years with my grandfather and coded 2 games in JavaScript

Harvard Extension School

Have taken 3 computer science courses at the Harvard Extension School

Early Age

General Interest

I have been interested in computer science from a young age, as my father and grandfather are both computer programmers by profession. I started learning how to write algorithms and code in various languages with them, and have since then moved on to personal projects and a variety of courses/programs, both inside the classroom and outside of it.


Game Gallery

Some Projects

Here are some games that I coded with my grandfather in JavaScript. The first game is Sokoban, the rules for which can be seen here. The second is the 15 puzzle, where you must arrange the numbers consecutively by clicking them and moving them to the empty square. Reload the page to restart. Sokoban isn't visible on a phone.


CS At School

In school, I took a few different courses, both at Speyer and Stuyvesant.

Speyer: Creative & Computational Thinking

This was the first major CS course I took in school, and I learned to think analytically and program in Scratch.

Stuyvesant: Intro to CS & APCS

Intro to CS was a year-long course I took in my sophomore year, where I learned to code in both Python and NetLogo. I then took AP CS in my junior year and learned to program in Java, along with more advanced algorithmic strategies.

Click here to go to my profile page on Scratch :) Scratch

Scratch Projects

I have plenty of Scratch projects available here.

Click here to download a Zip file of some of my favorite Netlogo projects :) Netlogo

Intro CS Projects

I have a few NetLogo projects available here.


4 on APCS

I scored a 4 on the 2020 APCS A exam


Out of School

CS Elsewhere

Outside of Stuyvesant and Speyer, I have also taken various course as part of other programs.


I started off with some courses at EPGY, where I learned how to write algorithms and programs in C and HTML.

SchoolPlus (SchoolSharp+)

At SchoolPlus (now SchoolSharp+), I took programming classes with my grandfather and honed my skills in algorithmic writing, as wells as learning HTML, CSS, and JS.

Harvard Extension School

I then took 3 college courses here (listed on the left), which broadened my horizons in college CS.


This is an intensive intro to computer science, where I learned about writing algorithms and basic programming. You can view my final project here.


This is an introduction to programming with Python, where I learned about how Python works and how to program with it.


This is a course that teaches the fundamentals of website development. The preliminary version of this website was actually my final project for this course!

cv original

Stuyvesant & NYC Physics Teams

Developed website for the Stuyvesant and NYC Physics Teams, which I co-founded and am currently the captain of.

Digital Fabrication Documentation

Part of PHYS S-12 at Harvard Summer School involved developing a website for documentation, available here.


Redirect link for Stuyvesant Parent's Association that I redesigned for simplicity.

Helping Tree Foundation

Website for charity site containing all of my projects.



Additional Projects

Here are some additional projects that I've done that pertained mostly to website development.