Andrew's Curriculum Vitae



3 camps

Attended 3 different math camps over 6 years

UC Berkeley '24

Major in Applied Mathematics with a Concentration in Quantum Mechanics

3 Programs

Various courses at the Harvard Extension School, Math-M-Addicts, and EPGY

Early Age

Starting Out

The entire father's side of my family was very math-oriented, so I got into mathematics from a very young age. I started learning with my father, and eventually took extra courses and attend summer math camps.


Campersand since '19

I have TA'd at Campersand since 2019; typically held at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque

MathPath '17

I went to MathPath for 1 year: in 2017, held at Mt. Holyoke College

AMSP '16 & '18

I went to AwesomeMath for 2 years: in 2016 and 2018, both held at Cornell University

Epsilon '14 & '15

I went to Epsilon camp for 2 years: in 2014 and 2015, once in Seattle and once in St. Louis


Getting Into It

Math Camps

Finding out that there were summer math camps, I wanted to enroll in them. I attended Epsilon camp to get a feel for discrete mathematics, followed by AwesomeMath, where I started preparing for competitions. Then I went to MathPath in between them, as a continuation of Epsilon. Finally, after many years, I went to my brother's camp Campersand as a TA (teacher's assistant).


On the team of 4 every year of middle school, and 6th place team in the MATHCOUNTS State Competition 2017


I competed in the AMC 8 every year from 4th to 8th grade

AIME '18-'20

3-time AIME qualifier, in 2018, 2019, and 2020



Getting Competitive

Starting in fourth grade, I took an interest in math competitions as well. I took the AMC 8 until 8th grade, and starting in sixth grade, I took part in the AMC 10/12. I've qualified for AIME 3 years, from freshman year to junior year. I also was on the MathCounts team of 4 for every year of Speyer. I became less interested in competitions later on, but they're still enjoyable.


Courses and Programs

I've been involved in many extracurricular math courses that helped further my mathematical education outside the classroom (during the school year), which I'm immensly thankful for.

Harvard Extension School

For math, I've taken Calculus I/II (MATH E-15/16), Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I/II (MATH E-23A/B), and a special Data Science course (MATH J-23C) here.


I have completed groups Y, S2, S3, I, and A at this Saturday program from 6th-10th grade.


I went through everything from basic logic to precalculus until 9th grade at this Stanford-affiliated online program.


My father signed me up with Stanford's EPGY program in elementary school, where I went through most math up to precalculus until 9th grade.


I enrolled in 6th grade and completed groups Y, S, I, and A all the way through 10th grade.

Harvard Ext. School

I took MATH E-15/16 in 10th grade (Calculus I/II), MATH E-23A/B (Real Analysis I/II), and MATH J-23C (data science) in 12th grade.



Applied Math at UC Berkeley

The courses and extracurricular programs culminated in a major in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Quantum Mechanics at the University of California, Berkeley. Side note, the picture on the right is of Evans Hall, the math department building.

SLC Tutoring

On top of learning math, I've also taken on a job at the Student Learning Center tutoring students in Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, and Complex Analysis.

Math 104 Grading

During the Spring 2023 semester, I also graded homework assignments for a section of Math 104 (Introduction to Analysis).


So far, I've taken Math 55 (Discrete Mathematics), Math 104 (Introduction to Analysis), Math 110 (Linear Algebra), Math 128A (Numerical Analysis), and Math 185 (Complex Analysis).

QM Concentration

For my Applied Mathematics major, I've selected a special concentration in Quantum Mechancis to complement my Physics major.

Honors Thesis

Starting Fall 2023, I will be working on an honors thesis in mathematical physics.