Andrew's Curriculum Vitae

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Berkeley '24

Pursuing a double major in Physics and Applied Mathematics at UC Berkeley

Stuyvesant '21

Part of Stuyvesant High School's Class of 2021

Speyer '17

Part of Speyer Legacy School's Class of 2017, entered in 2013

PS24 '13

Part of PS24's Class of 2014, but left to Speyer in 2013


University of California, Berkeley

I'm currently pursuing two degrees here: a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Physics and in Applied Mathematics at the College of Letters and Science.

Space Sciences Laboratory

In March 2023, I started working on research for Dr. Ivan Vasko at the Space Sciences Laboratory. My work involves magnetic solar switchbacks.

Math Department Reader

During Spring 2023, I worked as a grader for a section of Math 104 (Introduction to Analysis). I graded homework and exams.

Student Learning Center

In March 2022, I took on a job at the SLC as a Drop-in Tutor and Study Group Facilitator for upper division mathematics courses. Currently, I tutor Math 104 (Real Analysis), Math 110 (Linear Algebra), and Math 185 (Complex Analysis), and run content review sessions for exams.


High School

Stuyvesant HS

After Speyer, I attended Stuyvesant High School, a leader in STEM education in NYC. My passions were already solidified from my time in primary school at PS24 and Speyer, and I took on more of a leadership role in the extracurriculars that I poured my heart into over these years. I also started taking courses at the Harvard Extension School. I graduated in June 2021 after 4 years.

Stuyvesant/NYC Physics Teams

In September 2019 (the start of my junior year), I, along with a few friends, co-founded the first-ever Stuyvesant Physics Team at Stuyvesant High School. Then, in January 2021, we cofounded the NYC Physics Team.

Harvard Extension School

From Fall 2018 to Spring 2021 I took 14 courses at the Harvard Extension School in Physics, Mathematics, and CS.


Speyer Debate Team

While competing, I won numerous awards, including Top City Speaker three years in a row at the NYC Urban Debate and NY Debate Leagues

Speyer Math Team

While on the math team, I participated in several contests, including the AMC 8 and MATHCOUNTS


Middle School

Speyer Legacy School

Speyer is where I built off of the foundations created during my earlier years in PS24. From fifth until eighth grade, I started taking more extracurricular courses and solidified my previously-held ones. My passions also grew further.

Elementary School


After moving to Riverdale in 2008, I attended PS24 from kindergarten until 4th grade. I was introduced to many of the extracurriculars that I still participate in to this day, and I got my first exposure to the world of curiosity.