Andrew's Curriculum Vitae



Stuyvesant Physics Team

Co-founded the Stuyvesant Physics Team in 2019

6 Camps/Programs

Have taken part in 3 programs and 3 camps over the years

Harvard Extension School

Have taken 7 Physics courses at the Harvard Extension School/Harvard Summer School


4 years at Hollingworth Science Camp

Camp KSC

1 year at Camp KSC


1 year at Challenger Camp


F=ma Problem Series/PhysicsWOOT

Early Age


I've had a passion for physics from a very young age, and it really took off when I got hooked on the classic documentaries, ranging from Cosmos (by both Carl Sagan and eventually Neil deGrasse Tyson) to Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. These documentaries and physicists captivated me, and I knew from then that I wanted to learn more about this and answer the questions that unveil the secrets of the universe.

physics young

Hollingworth '11-'14

I went to Hollingworth Science Camp for 4 years: from Detectives to Inquirers

Challenger '10

I went to the Challenger camp for only 1 year

Camp KSC '12

I went to camp KSC for 1 year as well, and met an astronaut!

physics camp

Developing the Passion

Camps & Videos

My parents noticed that passion, and helped me develop it by finding a variety of camps, such as the Hollingworth Science Camp at Columbia University, the Challenger Camp in Rochester, and Camp KSC at the famous Kennedy Space Center. These camps only fascinated me even more, and I was eager to start actually learning physics.

Stuyvesant HS

Physics in High School

After many years, I was finally ready and able to take actual physics in my high school years.

Inside the Classroom

Learning Physics at Stuy allowed me to better appreciate what I had been watching.

Stuyvesant Physics Team

Along with regular physics at Stuyvesant, I cofounded the Stuyvesant Physics Team in September 2019 to promote physics education and foster growth of the passion.

New York City Physics Team

Seeing the success of the Stuyvesant Physics Team, I was inspired to take it one step further with a citywide team in January 2021.

Click here to go to the Stuyvesant Physics Team website :) StuyPhT

Stuy Physics Team

Co-founded the Stuyvesant Physics Team in September 2019

Click here to go to the NYC Physics Team website :) NYCPhT

NYC Physics Team

Co-founded the New York City Physics Team in January 2021


5 on AP Physics 1

I scored a 5 on the 2020 AP Physics 1 exam

physics team


Other Courses

Along with all of my academic endeavors in school, I also took my physics learning to the next level with a few courses that I took outside of high school.

Harvard Extension School

Just like with math, I took several courses here, including PHYS E1Ax(L)/Bx(L) (Physics I/II with lab), as well as Nanoscience and Digital Fabrication courses at the Summer School 2020 (PHYS S-25 & S-12), and ending with Astronomy (ASTR E-8) in fall 2020.


Along with regular physics, I also got into competition physics, and took an F=ma preparation course (F=ma Problem Series) and PhysicsWOOT at AoPS.