Andrew's Curriculum Vitae



since 2009

Have been studying martial arts (specifically kenshikai karate style) since 2009

Riverdale Kenshikai Karate

Have been practicing martial arts at the Riverdale Kenshikai Karate dojo


Have attained the nidan rank (second-degree black belt)

Early Age

Joining Riverdale Kenshikai Karate

After moving to Riverdale and discovering a lot of programs here (such as the RRS theatre program), my parents discovered Riverdale Kenshikai Karate and decided to enroll me there. Though I was initially reluctant to go to classes, they eventually grew on me and I have never stopped training there. I started when I was 6, and have been going ever since. Click the title to go to their homepage.

karate young

Nidan '19 (Jr.), '21 (Sr.)

After four long years of training, I eventually attained my nidan, or second-degree black belt, rank in October 2019. This was technically a junior nidan (as I was still underage), but in August 2021, I attained a full Nidan rank.

Shodan '15 (Jr.)

I attained my shodan, or first-degree black belt, rank in October 2015. This was technically a junior shodan, as I was under 18 when I attained it.

Color Belts '09-'14

After my white belt ranks, I progressed throgh four color belt ranks and their respective "advanced" stripes, with ten kyus (ranks) in total, including white and advanced white.

karate young


Progressions and Promotions

After a bit of a rough start, I became fascinated with karate and quickly started progressing through the ranks. Our belt ranks are as follows: white, blue, yellow, green, brown, black, with "advanced" stripes between each color belt. My promotion certificates are available above, in reverse order. The latest (full nidan) is still pending.

Seiunchin Kata (non-weapons)

Fusetsu Dai Kata (weapons)

kagami biraki



Here I have a few videos of my demomstrations. This includes videos recorded for a tournament held online in June 2020, with one weapons kata and one non-weapons kata. The above photo (I'm at the far right) is from the 2021 Kagami Biraki, a ceremonial workout where we welcome the new year.