Andrew's Curriculum Vitae



10 years

Performed at the Riverdale Rising Stars for 10 years

20 shows

Participated in 20 shows at the Riverdale Rising Stars and Junior Rising Stars

2 programs

Participated in both the Riverdale Rising Stars and Junior Rising Stars

12 shows

Participated in 12 shows at the Riverdale Rising Stars

8 shows

Participated in 8 shows at the Riverdale Junior Rising Stars

The Program

Riverdale Rising Stars

After moving to Riverdale in 2008, my parents discovered the Riverdale Rising Stars program at the Riverdale Y, and I've been performing there since I was 7. Click above to go to the homepage.

Teen Program

After graduating from the Junior program, I joined the Teen program, putting on all sorts of shows, from The Wedding Singer to Urinetown. I graduated the program in May 2021.

Junior Program

I started off in the Junior Rising Stars, with shows like Fiddler on the Roof, Jr. and The Wizard of Oz, Jr. I participated in this program until I graduated into the teen program with my last show being Annie Jr.

young rrs
rrs trio

Photo/Video Gallery


Here, I have a photo gallery of pictures all of the shows I've been a part of at RRS, both the junior and teen programs, in order, up to the spring 2021 show (my twentieth and final). The official YouTube channel for the Riverdale Rising Stars is available here.

Earlier Experience

SchoolPlus Miniplays

My earliest theatre experience actually came from little plays that we put on at SchoolPlus (now SchoolSharp+). Our Russian classes would act out scenes from Greek plays and other short plays, and that was my first exposure to acting on a stage and part of what helped me become so passionate about RRS in my later years.

Theatre Résumé